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    Change and Changed event not fired in SelectItem and ComboBoxItem

    Hello all,

    I noticed a weird behavior, and thought I could post it here.

    I build a SelectItem with an option data source set.

    I setDisplayField on one of the data source field of type String and setValueField on another data source field.

    If this value field is of type Integer (think of a primary key), everything works as in the showcase. If the value field is an objet of another type (in my use case it is declared as an interface, think of the object with that primary key), then the ChangeEvent and ChangedEvent are not fired properly. Moreover, a call to selectItem.getValue() doesnt give me the right value (which would lead me to the idea that the selectItem doesnt "see" that its value has changed).

    The same goes for the ComboBoxItem.

    The workaround is straightforward, so this is not a problem, I dont know if putting random objects as "select item values" is legal or not.

    Thank you,


    You're absolutely right!

    I was banging my head on this for a while. I'm using smartgwtpower-3.0p, May 22nd build.

    So folks, beware.