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    DataSource loaded on project startup


    I am using datasources with RPC in my project.
    When I run my project, it is loading the data in all the datasources which causes the project to be slower and to get unneeded data.

    Note that I copied Showcase.html and the from the Showcase project and I edited them in order to make them work with my project.

    When debugging, I found out that the datasources are triggered and loaded before the is even called.

    Any idea how to stop that or how these are called so that I change them?

    Thank you,

    You need to provide more information, or a standalone testcase. Is this reproducible when running the SmartGWT showcase? If so, please identify precisely which datasource in fetching data on startup.


      thanks for your reply.

      I found my issue.

      It was due to the fact that I was creating a module for each screen in my application and I was defining an entry-point in all the Modulename.gwt.xml files.

      When I removed the entry-points and inherited the module from one, my issue was solved.