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    What are your expectations for further responses? Your questions have been answered, please read over the responses again.


      Originally posted by Isomorphic
      What are your expectations for further responses?
      I would like to get an answer to this:

      If I give up the hope that the current interactive behavior can be kept, and just want to add a plain, simple HTML link to a button (not just the title, but the whole button), how can I do that? (I understand that with this, the default event handling will be displaced, so the click handler would not be called.)
      I understand that embedding true links without somehow damaging normal interactivity is really hard, so you consider that impractical, but what if I give up "normal interactivity", and just want the links for those widgets? Is it feasible that way? (Basically, I just need a link which looks like an IButton...)


        So to elaborate on what we said before, we don't have a solution for adding native HTML links outside widgets that does not involve a deep dive into native browser behavior, and if you were to go that direction, it's way outside of our charter to help.

        And we also would not recommend spending effort on this approach. Enterprise applications tend to build up a lot of useful context in a page, and it's a focus on SmartGWT to re-use already loaded data wherever possible, for the best performance and scalability. Popping other browser tabs and browser windows works against this performance advantage.

        If you want a tabbed interface, use a TabSet at the top level and provide normal SGWT menus to allow things to be opened in new tabs.