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    JMSMessageDispatcher creates more and more Subscriptions


    I have javascript client that subscribes to a messaging channel at startup time (Messaging.subscribe() ). Monitoring the Subscriptions Count on the appserver I can see the following:

    - for each new javascript client a new subscription is created
    - for each javascript client a additional subscription is created every 2 minutes
    - subscriptions are never removed, e.g. after a user closes the browser the subscriptions created for that session remain active

    this means that the number of subscriptions and other resources like connections is increasing with number of users and with time. This is a serious problem as my appserver runs out of resources very fast.


    # how often do we send keepalives to the client (ms)
    messaging.keepaliveInterval: 3000
    # how long the client waits after the keepaliveInterval before re-establishing
    # the connection (ms)
    messaging.keepaliveReestablishDelay: 1000
    # how long the client waits for the connect handshake to complete before
    # retrying
    messaging.connectTimeout: 4000
    # connection time to live - the maximum amount of time a persistent connection
    # is allowed to stay open before being re-established (ms)
    messaging.connectionTTL: 120000
    # total response size to pad out to in order to defeat intervening
    # bufferring by proxies (bytes)
    messaging.flushBufferSize: 8096
    # dispatcher to use for user registration/message queueing
    # com.isomorphic.messaging.LocalMessageDispatcher for simple one-jvm messaging
    # com.isomorphic.messaging.JMSMessageDispatcher for JMS-backed messaging
    messaging.dispatcherImplementer: com.isomorphic.messaging.JMSMessageDispatcher
    # jms configuration - for JMSMessageDispatcher only
    #messaging.jms.context: _container_
    #messaging.jms.jndiPrefix: jms
    #messaging.jms.topicConnectionFactory: ConnectionFactory org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory jnp://localhost:1099/
    messaging.jms.context: messaging
    messaging.jms.topicConnectionFactory: ConnectionFactory
    Last edited by brunostuder; 17th Dec 2007, 05:51.

    Hi there -

    Looks like this is a bug that was introduced at some point recently. We've corrected it and a fix will be available in the next release of SmartClient (early next year). Thanks very much for the very clear bug report.