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    How to get/find/build a non-minified/obfuscated version of Smartclient?

    I do a lot of debugging through my own code to find issues. Often I end up in Smartclient code also which is obfuscated/minified. I have to manually compare the obfuscated code with the source code delivered as part of the LGPL SDK. This is cumbersome and time consuming.

    Is there a way to build the isomorphic js files from the source code or to get a non-obfuscated version of smartclient which can be used in a development environment?

    I have checked the forum but could only find older posts which sounded pessimistic, I hope that it is much easier now or that Smartclient makes the non-obfuscated code available automatically somehow...

    gr. Martin

    Not sure who's pessimistic or why :) .. In the modules/ directory under source/ there are files named after the corresponding minified modules that come with the product, and that load the individual source files in the other directories.

    There are some references to XML files - these can be safely deleted if you are not using WSDL.


      I know this post is from 2011 but I'm facing the same issue.

      Looking into the SmartClient files I could not find non-obfuscated files.

      Has this changed since 2011? Thanks :)


        No, the non-obfuscated files are in the same location within the SDK.


          Got it! They are actually in the 'modules-debug' folder.

          If this helps someone my test script appears to have access to the non-obfuscated source with the following html stub:

          <SCRIPT>var isomorphicDir="../isomorphic/";</SCRIPT>
          <SCRIPT SRC=../isomorphic/system/modules-debug/ISC_Core.js></SCRIPT>
          <SCRIPT SRC=../isomorphic/system/modules-debug/ISC_Foundation.js></SCRIPT>
          <SCRIPT SRC=../isomorphic/system/modules-debug/ISC_Containers.js></SCRIPT>
          <SCRIPT SRC=../isomorphic/system/modules-debug/ISC_Grids.js></SCRIPT>
          <SCRIPT SRC=../isomorphic/system/modules-debug/ISC_Forms.js></SCRIPT>
          <SCRIPT SRC=../isomorphic/system/modules-debug/ISC_DataBinding.js></SCRIPT>
          <SCRIPT SRC=../isomorphic/skins/Enterprise/load_skin.js></SCRIPT>
          <SCRIPT SRC=Test1.js></SCRIPT>

          Interestingly my test app works standalone but no longer functions in my CEF-hosted browser within Unity :-( Not sure why...