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    canEdit not available in VB

    I am unable to find the canEdit property on dynamicform fields in VisualBuilder. I don't believe canEdit settings in a datasource get applied, either.

    It should be a simple thing to put a string method somewhere to set these for certain fields on a form as a workaround. So, I am looking for an event to tag with this function.

    Any clues? Am I making this harder than it should be?

    (I ask because I am trying to break this pattern before it becomes a large annoyance).


    I have set the textarea form field to Disabled. That seems to create the desired behavior.

    Never mind (for now).



      Just a note that you seem to be trying to use Visual Builder as an IDE. This is explicitly *not* what it's intended for. In the SmartGWT forum you will find a FAQ (sticky post) that explains this in depth.


        I agree with Rick. Using the VB as a visual designer doesn't seem unreasonable and adding a field in the VB GUI for a TextItem for canEdit would be really helpful. Can this be added please?

        Thanks, Mark.