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  • Updating the form fields selectively after saving the data bound forms?

    I have a databound DynamicForm. Update operation for this data source returns the updated object from the server in the response. This updated object is very similar as the form submitted but few properties needs to set as per this object from the server. Nice thing is, it happens automatically. It updates the form values with the updated object received from the server. For few form fields (complex ones using canvas item), I do not want this behavior as those items issues more request to server which is not required. Is there anyway I can find if setValue for these items are called after fetch method or update method?

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    To solve the above problem, I set some flags to achieve. Now I have another issue. I do override setValue methods to transform the value from the server side to the actual value. Now after update, this method is not called if the form item is of type HiddenItem. For now I changed the type to DateItem and showIf:false.

    Is this a bug?