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    Caching dropdown list in a listGrid

    We have a ListGrid which has several select item fields. The listGrid is backed by a DMI; the select item fields are backed by a common optionDataSource, passing a parameter to know which display map to return (Meaning entityType:"GROUP" for the group field, and entityType:"SECTOR" for the sector field, etc...).

    This causes a fetch through the DMI for each field when the row is selected for edit. Another fetch when the field is selected. These fetch calls occurs every time we select a different row.

    Is there a way to cache the display map? The select item drop-down list for the sector column is the same for every record in the listGrid. How do we prevent these duplicate DMI calls?

    We are using SmartClient 8.2 Power Edition, and Internet Explorer version 8

    Your results aren't normal as you can see from samples - you should see one fetch when editing begins for the field, and that's it. If you'd like someone to look into the extra fetches, please try modifying a sample to show duplicate fetches.

    Alternatively, if the dataset is small enough, cacheAllData:true will load all data for the optionDataSource into the client once only.