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    10.1: SQLTransaction methods have different signature?

    SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v10.1d_2015-10-04/Enterprise Development Only (built 2015-10-04)

    Hello, I'm just trying SmartClient 10.1, but I've got a compilation error because the SQLTransaction.commit/rollbackTransaction methods have a different signature which requires a DSTransaction object.
    Are you changing the server APIs in a not backwards compatible way?

    In 10.1 we've done some refactoring of the server side transactional code. As a part of this we accidentally changed the signature of these methods, they have now been added back in but are deprecated so when you get the chance to do so you should change to use the methods that take the DSTransaction object which can be found on both the RPCManager and DSRequest.

    These methods will be available again in a build in a day or so.


      ok, thanks for clarifying that.