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    "setProperties: couldn't set" messages in Console Logs

    We are trying to fetch data from the server using a search form. The values are received from searchForm using criteria and then passed to the fetchData() of the ListGrid inquiriesList as shown below:


    We are able to query the data correctly but in console logs, we see the following messages:
    setProperties: couldn't set:
    {startDate:"No such property", client:"No such property", issue:"No such property", sizeBucket:"No such property", endDate:"No such property", notesState:"No such property"}

    These are the properties present in the criteria of the search form but not present in the XML datasource of the inquiriesList listGrid. We added them in the XML datasource as well but it was of no help.

    We are using SmartClient 8.2 Power Edition, and Internet Explorer version 8.

    Can you tell us what the problem could be?


    This will be reported if you use DataSource.setProperties() or DataTools.setProperties() with a Java bean, and there are no setter methods for the given properties (or they have Java qualifiers that make them inaccessible, eg "protected"). Likewise if you declare a Java bean as a parameter of a DMI method, which also runs through DataSource.setProperties().


      That's true. It worked. Somehow I missed it. Thanks.