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    Listgrid column change event

    Hello Folks,

    I have requirement to create a custom ListGrid, where user can show, hide, filter a column. also can change width and reOrder column and even color it.
    I know that list grid provide all this facility to user.

    But I have to save all these changes and user will get this things back when they login again.

    Is there any event which record all changes??
    And how to get all this data from listGrid??

    Thank you.

    Hi ppratik,

    everything you mention (fieldState, hiliteState) is available at listgrid level as getter. There is also a *StateChanged handler.
    For "filter" you need to use filterEditorCriteria and filterEditorRowSubmitHandler. I'm not sure about the exact names here.

    You need to do persisting and re-applying yourself.

    Best regards