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    Using undocumented method getExportFieldValue from ISC_Grids.js

    SmartClient Version: v9.1p_2015-09-16/Pro Development Only (built 2015-09-16)
    Any browser, any version

    We are using the getExportFieldValue from the ISC_Grids.js but it is not documented on SmartClient. Would there be an alternative solution that is identical and supported? Worst-case, would it be better to simply copy and paste that method?

    As a starting point, we need to know why you're using this method. Only then would it be possible to recommend a supported alternative.


      We are using this method because it correctly returns the value in a selected record.

      In our scenario, we have a date-time data type. Most of our records have value of "N/A" in this column. However, when accessing the values of the selected records using "getSelectedRecords" method, the value for the date-time field provides a date rather than "N/A". Thus, the selected record's value for date-time would be invalid. To workaround this, we would call "getExportFieldValue" instead. An alternative could be to prevent the conversion of "N/A" to a date when accessing the selected records. Our expected result is to return the value "N/A" rather than a date.


        We're having trouble making sense of your description, but we'll assume that what you mean is that some records you provide to the grid have Date values, but are displayed to the user as "N/A" because you have a formatter or logic that does that. If so, you just need to call the same logic you're using in your formatter, rather than calling getExportFieldValue() - there's no built-in framework logic that would convert Dates to "N/A", it's just getExportFieldValue() calling the logic you provided.

        If you meant something else, please be very specific about what's in the Records (and how you are determining this) as well as what's displayed to the user.