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    Custom style for RadioItem?

    SmartClient Version: v9.1p_2016-04-15/Pro Development Only (built 2016-04-15)

    All browsers.
    For checkboxes, we are able to change the images to represent the states (checked, unchecked, partial, unset). However, we are unable to style the radio buttons (isc.RadioItem). We are expecting to change the radio button through various images or css.

    I noticed on SmartClient Feature Explorer that all themes do not have the radio button styled. Does this mean that the radio button does not support custom styling?


    Correct, for RadioGroupItem we use browser native controls, and styling options are rather limited and differ by browser.

    If you want a fully image-based Radio control, you could build one based on a CanvasItem containing a sub-form with several CheckboxItems, with event handlers to enforce mutex behavior.


      Could we build a component based off the CheckboxItem and modify its behaviour to be mutually exclusive? If so, what would the method be to override the behaviour?


        You would just catch the Changed event and uncheck other boxes.


          When adding radio buttons, usually we specify a form item's type to be "radioGroup". Do we need to modify isc.RadioGroupItem to properly set/unset the value of the radio buttons in the group?



            The advice above is to create your own class, so obviously RadioGroupItem would have no involvement from then on.

            Did you post in the wrong thread by accident?