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    calendar eventSnapGap bug when moving an event

    Hello ,
    basic Info:
    Smarclient v10.1p_2016-03-15/Pro Development Only
    Browser: google chrome Version 50.0.2661.94 m
    OS: Windows

    BUG: setting eventSnapGap leads to a prolongation of the even tin case of move. when eventSnapGap = 10 then event will be 10 minutes longer after each move.
    DEMO :
    Added the following line to simplecalendar.js
    eventSnapGap : 10,

    Kind regards


    We don't see this effect by making the change you suggested with our online simpleCalendar sample.

    If we add eventSnapGap: 10 and then move a two-hour event, it remains 2 hours long and the dates are correct. If we resize an event, it resizes by the 10 minutes enforced by the eventSnapGap setting.

    Note that the version you mentioned is 10.1, and from mid-march - the sample you linked to is an 11.0 sample, from yesterday - the first thing to do is update to the latest build of your version from


      Actually, we *do* see a bug here - it looks like an event's *start* date can be shifted back by one snapGap, if you drop an event so it starts at the first snapGap within a row.

      We're taking a lok at that.

      If you see something different, please let us know.


        i made the test on your web site and found the same behaivior as I watched in my app. I wanted the demo to be as simple as possible. I just tried again on your web site and each move makes the event longer for exact the amount of minutes of eventSnapGap. I tried to move as little as possible. Same behaivior in Chrome,IE and Edge. I Can reproduce it . Do you have any suggestions?
        Kind regards Paul


          Please see our prevoious post - we do now see an issue here.

          If you drop an event so that it starts at an inner snapGap, and not at the beginning of a row, then yes, we also see an effect where the start-date, specificaly, moves back by one snapGap (10 minutes).

          We'll update here when we've fixed that.


            sorry, I was writing my post and didn't mention that you sent a second one during that time.


              This has been fixed back to 10.1, for builds dated May 14 and later.