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    Centering icon in LinkItem

    SmartClient Version: v9.1p_2016-04-15/Pro Development Only (built 2016-04-15)
    All browsers

    I am currently using isc.LinkItem to create a hyperlink to another page. This link requires an icon on the left side of the text. Following the example on creating a LinkItem with image in Feature Explorer, I added the image and text in the linkTitle property. However, the text does not seem to be center aligned vertically. Is there a way to have the icon and text seem vertically aligned?


        fields: [
                name: "LinkName",
                type: "link", 
                linkTitle: isc.Canvas.imgHTML('') + "",
                value: ""

    Could you be specific as to what should be center-aligned with respect to what?

    If you are asking about how <img> tags can be aligned to text, this is a generic CSS / HTML issue and there are lots of available references you can find via search.

    If you mean alignment with respect to some other element that you are not directly rendering, be specific about what element, and what kind of centering (there are various kinds - center of the lowercase "x" in adjacent text for example, or center of overall measured content height).