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    Deleting formula fields

    I'm looking for a way to allow the user to delete a formula field. I see you can hide it. But, it is still present and just hidden after that. What would it take to add a "Delete" button to the Formula Editor window which would remove the Formula altogether?

    The default header context menu has an item to remove the formula field.


      I have a TreeGrid where the user is given the ability to create custom formula(addFormulaField()) and summary(addSummaryfield()) fields through toolbar buttons . As far as I can tell, the header context menu is the default but does not have the same menu items that the ListGrid does for removing or editing the custom columns. Is it not supported the same way on a TreeGrid or are there header context enable/disable API's that I'm not finding.


        For both ListGrids and TreeGrids, these menu items appear if you have canAddFormulaFields:true set. So it may be that you have this set on your ListGrid but not on your TreeGrid?