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  • Flex mxml vs ui.xml

    hi Isomorphic ,when i study the xml generated by visualbuilder,i see the code structure is very similar with Flex mxml,is it right? :cool:

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    Yes, although what is less well known is that our format pre-dates MXML and most likely heavily influenced their design.


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      @Isomorphic,3 months ago,i do some research on another power framework,it' called Odoo( many people choose it,but i think Odoo's biggest drawback is the interface customization,so i come here,the next work for me is to build a project with smartclient.
      Can i build a business project with visualBuilder totally,i prefer to xml and js( just like mxml & as,because i use flex for many years)
      if there is any performance issues when use xml & js ? and any other better suggestions ? my team using java and flex


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        See the FAQ - we don't recommend that developers use Visual Builder as their primary environment. Visual Builder is intended for people doing functional design within a mixed team of product managers and developers.

        Whether you want to use our Component XML format is up to you. However, you should first take a close look at the component declarations look when using JavaScript - they are basically JSON, which is also a declarative format, has far less redundancy and better readability than XML, has simpler quoting rules as compared to XML (which makes a big difference when trying to embed expressions that use "<" and ">" characters, or trying to use HTML inline).