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  • AdvancedCriteria, which the DataSource does not support ??

    I seem to not be able to send a simple criteria to filter my treeGrid.

    supervisorTreeGrid.filterData({ active : "y" });

    When called this gives the error:.

    DSRequest for DataSource 'supervisorTree' contained AdvancedCriteria, which the DataSource does not support

    I have a license for SmartClient Pro so if I edit the datasource and set allowAdvancedCriteria:true I get a license error.

    How do I correctly construct a simple criteria? The above call seems pretty simple to me.

    Using the builtin server from: SmartClient Version: v11.0p_2017-04-26/Pro Development Only (built 2017-04-26)

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    filterData() means to use textMatchStyle:"substring", whereas exact match is expected for node ids. The only way to express this is with AdvancedCriteria.

    If you really want to stick with Pro (AdvancedCriteria has *lots* of uses) you could hack the server-side code to convert down to simple Criteria assuming none of your node IDs would have an issue with substring match style.


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      Thanks for the help. I was thinking about upgrading to Power and this seals it. Looks like advanced searches are needed for lots of things.