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    Using the ListGrid as a multi-column drop down list

    We are looking for a multi-column drop down list where the displayed fields in the drop down are displayed as the selection. The ListGrid appears to be a possibility. The grid components can be set to the header, filterEditor and body (Custom Layout). Can the display of the body be controlled? Default it to invisible, and displayed when the filter button is clicked. Then when a row is selected in the body, the data is then displayed in the filter fields, which are set to read only and the body is again not visible. Is this possible and if so, is there an example?

    The ComboBoxItem and SelectItem already offer a multi-field drop-down based on ListGrid, which allows filtering, and shows the body with an empty message if there are no recents (which is better than the body being mysteriously absent - user may interpret that as broken).

    Use pickListFields to configure multiple fields. There are several samples in the Feature Explorer.


      I may have missed your sample. I found several where there were multiple fields in the drop down, but only one is displayed after the selection. Iíve attached an example of what I am trying to accomplish with SmartClient.

      Selecting (ignore the Title and Description labels, they are for fields under the drop down):

      Click image for larger version

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        If you are fine with only one heading you could use a customSelectExpression for a new field in your DataSource and combine all the needed data into that field. Then use that field to show the selected record.
        Or use a DynamicForm to display the data of the selected record from the ComboBoxItem. This requires another widget and some glue code.

        Best regards


          We get a broken link for the first image, but, if you are looking for a sample of accessing multiple fields in the selected record, this sample shows that.


            Thanks for the replies. The first image used to be there. I'll repost it. The sample you referenced is not quite what I am after. It is looking like I will be taking Blama's suggestion of a DynamicForm.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	ComboSelecting.PNG
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