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  • Data sharing between tabs

    I have a requirement where I want to open copy of current tab. My current tab has a treeGrid with some nodes selected. I want to open exact same tree with selected nodes in new tab. I can do this by passing all node id's in request url and then checking all nodes in new tab. But the issue is URL length is limited an my ids length can be in thousands as the tree is huge. What can I do for this apart from request URL? I tried by creating a singleton class and assigning ID's to it but it's also not working.

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    What comes into my mind is:
    • Store the selection serverside in the DB (has a server-roundtrip delay)
    • Store the selection in a cookie (might be size limited as well(?))
    • Store the selection in browser offline storage (should be possible, never tried that, though)
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      Or, just don't stick the IDs in the URL. HTTP POSTs do not have limits that would affect your use case.


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        maybe this will help, but you will have some work to do