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    Best practice needed: Creating an operationBinding to update only certain fields

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I have a DataSource with many fields. Now I want to create a new operationBinding with requiresRole, but where many users will have the role.
    The operationBinding is of type "update". I want that this operationBinding - regardless of values in the request - will only be able to update some fields.
    If there are more fields in the request, I'm fine with this (request can run), as long as their content is discarded.

    How do I do this best?

    Additionally this question:
    How can I enforce that some field must be present in criteria?
    This works, but is it really the best way?
    <criteria fieldName="name" operator="equals" value="$" />
    Thank you & Best regards

    For restricting to certain fields, we would simply recommend a DMI that interrogates and modifies the DSRequest before execution.

    A DMI could also check for present of a criteria field, or hardcode it. In terms of security, your declaration above is only safe if you have already ensured that "name" is present in values.


      Hi Isomorphic,

      OK, thanks. I'll do this then.

      Best regards