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    Cascade and custom sass skin

    Hello, I'd like to try the custom sass skinning available in the latest release. It seems that you suggest using the Cascade skin to start with.
    In the showcase it isn't selectable, but if I force it in the URL, I notice that it lacks many icons. Is it still in progress?
    Also, it seems very similar to the Tahoe, but as a starting point the Stratus is really more akin to the final result I'm looking for. Are there any drawbacks in starting with Stratus?

    Correctly adding a skin to the Showcase involves copying a bunch of Showcase-specific media, so the missing media doesn't indicate an issue with the skin.

    As the docs cover, you can start with any skin, but Cascade is the most parameterized, meaning the entire skin will respond to a base color change, for example. If you tried to change the base color with Stratus, where several colors and styles have been overridden, the parts that have been overridden won't respond to the base color change.

    So what matters is whether Stratus is almost exactly what you want, in which case start with Stratus, or whether it's similar but you still want pervasive color and font changes, in which case Cascade would be the better starting point.


      Note that we've added a mechanism that allows a skin to use the showcase media from another skin - so if you hit the showcase with skin=Cascade with a build dated July 7 or later, you should see all media as expected (from Tahoe).


        Thanks. From what you say, I think I'll experiment starting from Cascade.
        Actually what I like much more of Stratus skin is the TabSet buttons design, and also buttons in general.


          I'd like to try the new skin editor, when will it be usable?

          Also, I'd like to use as a starting point the new Twilight skin, would it be possible?


            Hi Isomorphic,

            I just noticed that the Twilight skin claudiobosticco mentions in #5 is not selectable in the 12.1 SC / SGWT showcase, yet.

            Best regards


              Hello Blama, I think it's still in beta, but in the SmartClient showcase you may add it to the URL