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  • Problems making Screenreader JAWS read data with column names they are realated to in ListGrids

    Hello Isomorphic,

    we have problems to pass accessibility with our tool. We have serveral listGrids in our application.
    Is there any possibility, to let the Screenreader read the data and(!) the name of the column they are related to in the ListGrid.
    We tested this issue with the latest SmarGWT Version, Jaws 18 in Firefox. As Code Example I took
    as it shows exactly what we need. In addition I set SC.setScreenReaderMode(true); at the beginning of 'onModuleLoad(){....'.

    The Screenreader reads perfectly the data as "US United States 04.07.1776 298444215 12360"

    but we need it to read something like

    "Code US Country United States Nationhood 04.07.1776 Population 298444215 GDP ($B) 12360"

    Without the column names infront of the data, you are lost in numbers just read one after the other.

    Is there any possibility to achieve this by either configurations in SmartGWT, additional ListGrid-Settings, implementing yourown ListGridType, manipualte any of the JavaScript files? Any workaround would be helpfull.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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    Weíre using the standard ARIA-recommended markup here, and the column titles are already available to the reader. Itís up to the reader, and the end userís settings, to decide whether to read the titles or not, which is sometimes desirable and sometimes not, depending on the end user and the number of columns they have decided to show.


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      Hello Isomorphic,
      thanks for the answer. So the titles are available. That sounds perfect.
      Could you give me a hint for how I can make the reader reading the titles before reading column content? We already tried many SmartGWT / Listgrid configurations, but we couldn't find a solution, yet.


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        Again, the titles are already in the markup, there's nothing further to do in terms of configuring the ListGrid or SmartGWT. Whether the titles are read is controlled by the screen reader software itself.


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          OK, thanks. Do you have any showcase + Screenreader + Browser, where this works as described. We tried different JAWS-Versions (18/ 2018) with Firefox (61) and it didn't work.
          Thanks again for your help.