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  • RPCRequest WithCredentials not working as expected

    I have secure http cookies on my page that I need sent with any sendRequest.
    It seems that `withCredentials` is the property that would include cookies, but it is still not sending.
    $.ajax() has a similar property that DOES work, not sure if that's helpful, but seems to rule out something on API endpoint like CORS

    SmartClient version (available on lower left of Developer Console)
    SmartClient Version: v11.0p_2017-02-16/Pro Development Only (built 2017-02-16)
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    Agreed - that looks like it should work. We've confirmed that we are in fact propagating the 'withCredentials' flag to the XHR object, so let's try to figure out the difference between our basic in-house testing and your setup.

    Can you confirm that the sendRequest() call you're making does in fact result in an XHR request to the server (and not i.e. the hiddenFrame protocol or a scriptInclude)? The best thing to do might be to look at the SmartClient and native developer consoles to see if you can spot the difference between the request that works and the one that doesn't and see if that gives us additional context.


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      Did you get this resolved? Wanted to make sure there's no issue on our end that needs addressing.