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  • ListGrid issues with current version of Firefox

    Smartclient version: v8.3p_2013-02-13/LGPL Deployment
    Browser: Firefox 63.0

    Firefox version 63.0 is causing a couple ListGrid issues in Smartclient version 8.3. Scrolling doesn't work at all. Neither dragging the scrollbars nor clicking in the empty scrollbar areas do anything. Second, grid contents spill out beyond both the vertical and horizontal scrollbars. These were not issues in earlier versions of Firefox, only 63.0.

    I realize that this version of Smartclient is very outdated. We are going to be upgrading our customers to the latest version in the next few months. But is there a short-term fix for these issues?

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    We haven't built SC 8.3p since July 2016. You might suggest that your customers use Firefox 60ESR until you can upgrade, since you say the problem only arises in FF63. Firefox 60ESR is fully maintained with security patches by Mozilla.


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      See also here:

      This is a general problem with Firefox 63+ (63.0.x - 65.0.x can be "fixed" with about:config flag "layout.css.overflow.moz-scrollbars.enabled" form "false" to "true", while Firefox 66+ and the upcoming 68 ESR do not handle this at all).

      Solution is to switch off the custom scrollbars in load_skin.js. Took me a while to figure this out (we are still on SmartGWT 3.1 and had the same problem)

      load_skin.js of the current skin:
      // 1) Scrollbars
      showCustomScrollbars: !isc.Browser.isMoz,
      scrollbarSize: 16,
      cornerSize: 16