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    12.0p Touch Drag requires selection before drag

    Hi Isomorphic,

    please see this sample in current 12.0p. I tried it on an iPad with iOS 12.1.
    If you don't select a row, you can't move it via the drag handler.
    If select a row, you can move it via the drag handler.

    If you don't select a row, but hold the drag handler, you can see that it recognizes the "hold", because the drag handler icon changes.
    IMHO in that state it should also be possible to drag the row.

    Best regards

    The general behavior of selecting on touchEnd is intentional for touch targets to avoid reported issues with unexpected selection during native drag scrolling. However, we've now assigned special treatment to events over the drag handle field so that selection occurs on touchStart. This allows you to perform a single gesture "select and drag" as you wanted. The change has been applied to SC 12.0p and newer branches, and will be in the nightly builds dated 2018-12-02 and beyond.


      Hi Isomorphic,

      I just tested that change using a iPhone SE iOS 12.1 (might not be the best device size for this) and could see your changes.

      Thank you & Best regards