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    Menu items height is too big in Firefox using HTML5

    If you edit SmartClient_Explorer.html and add the <!DOCTYPE html>

    Then, if you navigate with Firefox to #menuFullMenu you can notice that the menu items height is too much bigger than in xhtml mode.

    In Chrome the height is ok for boths doctypes.

    Hi Martin
    Just a quick notification to let you know we have a developer investigating this issue

    Isomorphic Software



      It affects not only HTML5. When you add:
      <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
      problem appears either.

      Any news on a problem?
      Or maybe some workaround for a moment?

      Best regards
      Mariusz Goch


        I've got a revelation and found a simple workaround.
        Just set cellPadding to 0 and increase height of cell.
        I've adjusted my skin with this:
           cellHeight: 24,
           cellPadding: 0
        So it looks like there is a problem calculating height in new firefox. In Chrome and others height contains padding but in firefox is not. So there is a height increase. Maybe this will help finding solution to this.
        Best regards.
        Mariusz Goch


          The issue (first post) continue even in latest 9.1 nightly build. Do you have any ETA for the solution?

          Thanks and regards.


            The rows are rendering taller in order to fit natively to their content.
            If you explicitly set fixedRecordHeights to true, the rows will size at the specified size rather than being allowed to expand. This should resolve the issue for you.

            We are investigating why the rows are being rendered taller (at all) on Firefox as opposed to Chrome.


              Ok, it works for custom menus that I have developed, but I don't know how to make it work, for example, for built-in contextual menus, like for example, the one is shown once you right-click in a ListGrid header. Any idea? Or should I wait you investigate more in deep the Firefox behavior?



                You could set the attribute globally on the Menu class to have fixed record heights for all menus.
                This means if you have legitimately tall rows (for example wrapping text or large icons) they could get clipped at the top / bottom, but this should be fairly safe.


                  We've now made a change to address the underlying issue in the 8.3p, 9.0p and 9.1d branches.
                  Please try the next nightly build dated Aug 31 or above

                  Isomorphic Software