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  • getting operationId of ResultSet


    SmartClient version is 11.1 - 2018-12-25.

    I have a ResultSet created as a result of listGrid.fetchData(..., {operationId: "xxx"}).
    In listGrid.dataArrived I would like to check a operationId of the fetch that caused this data to arrive, but I can't find a property or method on a that contains it.

    According to doc there should be ResultSet.fetchOperation that contains operationId, but I find it be an object instead: {ID: "xxx", dataSource: "yyy", type: "fetch", filterType: "paged", loadDataOnDemand: true}.
    Is this a bug, error in doc or there is another way to access operationId?

    Best regards,

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    I do not know if it is related, but I do not have fetch operation with specific operationId in dataSource.operationBindings and dataSource is RestDataSource.

    I have also noticed that contents of depends on calling fetchData without providing specific operationId (fetchOperation is then "yyy_fetch") and with operationId (fetchOperation is then an object).
    After calling refreshData on ListGrid with data being ResultSet with fetchOperation set to object, the request is made with correct custom operationId, but when data arrives is set back to a string with generic operationId "yyy_fetch"


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      It is the same with current version v11.1p_2019-01-03/LGPL Deployment.

      Also when calling listGrid.refreshData, listGrid.dataArrived is not called on new data. This a bug probably.