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  • Cube examples do not work with uBlock Origin


    Examples like:
    do not work as ISC_Analytics.js is blocked by some ad blocking browser extensions.

    Which results in exception:
    ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v12.0p_2019-01-07.js:2234 Uncaught TypeError: window.google_trackConversion is not a function
    at _3.isc_ExampleViewer_showFullScreenExample [as showFullScreenExample] (ISC_ExampleViewer.js?isc_version=v12.0p_2019-01-07.js:104)
    at (ISC_ExampleViewer.js?isc_version=v12.0p_2019-01-07.js:98)
    at _3.isc_StatefulCanvas_handleActivate [as handleActivate] (ISC_Foundation.js?isc_version=v12.0p_2019-01-07.js:236)
    at _3.isc_StatefulCanvas_handleClick [as handleClick] (ISC_Foundation.js?isc_version=v12.0p_2019-01-07.js:237)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_bubbleEvent [as bubbleEvent] (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v12.0p_2019-01-07.js:2147)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_handleClick [as handleClick] (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v12.0p_2019-01-07.js:1981)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler__handleMouseUp [as $k5] (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v12.0p_2019-01-07.js:1965)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_handleMouseUp [as handleMouseUp] (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v12.0p_2019-01-07.js:1956)
    at _3.isc_c_EventHandler_dispatch [as dispatch] (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v12.0p_2019-01-07.js:2234)
    at HTMLDocument.eval (eval at isc__makeFunction (ISC_Core.js?isc_version=v12.0p_2019-01-07.js:85), <anonymous>:3:123)
    and a popup:
    Error evaluating your changes:

    ErrorType: TypeError
    ErrorMessage: Cannot read property 'addProperties' of undefined
    Best regards,

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    You seem to think there is a problem with ISC_Analytics but you are showing an error related to Google Analytics. These are not the same thing.

    Once you understand the difference, either report to the maker of the Ad Blocker that they are blocking Google or that they are invalidly blocking our software.

    Or if you believe there is a simple workaround on our part that will stop a popular Ad Blocker from erroneously blocking our software, please let us know which ad blocker this is, and what the proposed workaround would be.


    • #3
      I have not looked into ISC_Analytics.js, but just looked at the errors in the console and reported all I have seen for your convenience. I have unnecessary made any conclusion about cause of that error, so here is new version of my post:

      Examples like:
      do not work in Google Chrome with uBlock Origin enabled.
      It works when after disabling uBlock Origin and reloading the page.

      Here are urls blocked by uBlock Origin:

      On opening an example I have a warning popup:

      Error evaluating your changes:

      ErrorType: TypeError
      ErrorMessage: Cannot read property 'addProperties' of undefined
      but no error message in console.

      Reporting anything to adblocker is not the way to solve that problem quickly and efficiently.
      Come on, that is your demo page.

      Best regards,


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        The problem turns out to be that this extension just blocks any JS file that has “_Analytics” in the name.

        For obvious reasons, we don’t plan to do anything about this absurdly bad behavior. Feel free to contact the vendor.


        • #5
          I was once serving internal banners on one webpage from a subdirectory /ads/ which was also blocked.
          I strongly doubt that they are going to change their filters for one rarely used JS library.
          Consider changing a name with next major release to something less suspicious for adblockers or at least some extra check with a more meaningful message in your demo.


          • #6
            If you look up the term “Analytics” you’ll find an entire industry, with applications in finance, defense, biomed and many other areas.

            Feel free to tell them they are all suspicious.