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    Form tabbing problems with firefox

    When tabbing through a forms items with Mozilla Firefox half of the fields are skipped. The cursor stops only in every second field.

    This happends with DynamicForms in Windows where isModal=true and only with the newest Firefox version (65.0)

    This behaviour can easily be reproduced with the online Feature Explorers Layout/Windows/Modality Example (maybe add some additional textfields to the form).

    Thanks for the notification. With Firefox 65 there has been a native change to how some keypresses are handled by the browser which led to this problem.
    We've now made a change to address this issue - this will be present in the next nightly build (Feb 9 or above) in the 12.1d / 12.0p / 11.1p [aka 6.1p] / 10.1p [aka 5.1p] branches