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  • TileGrid / TileLayout automatically scrolling when tile is larger than container

    When the size of the tile is larger than the space provided, it will automatically scroll the the container when clicking a tile. Can I disable this?

    height: 500,
    width: 500,
    data: [
    tileHeight: 800,
    tileWidth: 200,
    createTile: function(){
    return isc.Label.create({
    contents:"<div style='height: 100%; width: 100%; background-image: linear-gradient(red, yellow);'></div>"

    SmartClient Version: v10.0p_2015-12-02/Pro Deployment (built 2015-12-02)

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    Automatic scrolling of a TileGrid isn't limited to tiles larger than the container. Any time a tile is partially out of view due to scrolling, clicking on it will scroll the TileGrid to bring it back into view (fully, if possible). Thus, a tile clipped by the bottom will be scrolled into view at the bottom, and similarly at the top. We will, however, fix the "oscillation" you describe so that if a tile is too big to be scrolled into view completely, clicking on it will always scroll its top to the top of the TileGrid viewport.

    Do you actually need a feature that disables automatic scrolling in all the cases described?

    Note that any fixes we apply will, at most, be ported back to SC 10.1p. You're using a very old release.


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      Perhaps you could suggest another solution for the issue I'm having?
      I have placed a red X label top left of each tile with 'SnapTo: TL' that allows users to remove the tile.
      when the user is zoomed in enough to where the tile is taller than the parent layout and they click this X
      instead of capturing the click, it forces the user to scroll to the bottom of the tile and click is not received.
      I tried removing the snapTo, in case it was a position issue with no avail.


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        This sounds as though it would not happen after the fix we have applied. Have you tried out the patched code?


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          Note also that even without the patched code, you could simply respond to mouseDown instead of click.


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            The fix for the oscillation has been applied back to SC 10.1p, and is in the nightly builds dated 2019-04-19 and beyond.


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              Originally posted by Isomorphic View Post
              Note also that even without the patched code, you could simply respond to mouseDown instead of click.
              Thank you, mouseDown works perfectly