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    Search on values returned from formatCellValue

    I have a simple listgrid with field of type string. I have a formatCellValue on the field. But I cannot search the field on value returned from formatCellValue. Eg.,
    formatCellValue : function(value, record, rowNum) {                                      
        //value is string of number like "1234"
        return "ABCD";
    So after the field is rendered, I want to search on the formatted value which is "ABCD".
    But I cannot do that. I guess I have to reindex the field or something.
    How do I get this behavior?

    Search is designed to match client and server-side, so we can't search on formatted values. Also, the formatted value isn't stored anywhere except in the DOM.

    So, the only way to search on a formatted value is to put it into the data as a field. Even then, you need to make sure the server search matches, or limit to just client-side searching (only safe if the data set is small).


      What does
      you need to make sure the server search matches
      mean? Can you provide an example?


        Hi sjoshid,

        Originally posted by sjoshid View Post
        What does mean? Can you provide an example?
        I assume Isomorphic means:
        • a .ds.xml field with a simple customSelectExpression
        • a .ds.xml field with a call to a more complex function in your DB
        so that the DB can already do the filtering.

        Best regards


          Alright. thank you.