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    Facet values disappearing in cube gird when minimizing


    When I have setCanMinimizeFacets() set to true in my cube grid, I have a problem where minimizing the facet makes the entire thing disappear. For example see screenshot below.

    The desired behavior is that the row would not go away, since it is only a single row, and simply the triangle would point to the right. It works correctly when minimizing the "STA" facet value. This same problem occurs if there are multiple metric rows within a PNR Stage. Only the last PNR Stage, which happens to be STA, works correctly. Any ideas? I tried setting isMinimizeValue() on various facet values but it did not seem to affect anything.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	minimize_facet.png Views:	1 Size:	76.8 KB ID:	257677
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    We're not reproducing this if we turn minimizing on in CubeGrid samples. Can you show us how to reproduce this problem?


      I am attaching some example source files where the issue happens. Please take a look. In this example, it happens when I hit the triangles for "sta" and then "ecpm" on the far left facets.

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        We are able to reproduce the problem you reported in your sample code and are investigating.


          Great, thank you.


            You have hideEmptyFacetValues:true, so what's happening is that when you minimize the last outer row facetValue, the inner facetValue chosen (automatically, by the Framework) to represent them all during minization is empty, so the entire row is hidden. You can prevent this by designating a non-empty facetValue for minimization. We had to apply a fix to ensure this works properly, but it should be in today's builds dated 2019-05-13 for SGWT 6.1p/SC 11.1p and newer branches.

            Your sample code processes a JSON string so it's not as straightforward for us to modify as might be possible, but modifying this code snippet from your sample code as shown would stop the last row from disappearing upon minimization (for example):
            if (!levelIdSet.contains(levelId)) {
                FacetValue facetVal;
            //    if (!parentId.equals("-1")) {
            //        facetVal = new FacetValue(levelId, record.getAttribute("title"), parentId);
            //    } else {
                      facetVal = new FacetValue(levelId, record.getAttribute("title"), levelId);
            //    }
                  if (levelId.endsWith("SS092125")) { // show non-empty facetValue during minimization
            Longer term, we're also looking into accounting for all represented facetValues before hiding a collapsed facetValue, or just not hiding a collapsed facetValue, ever.


              Thanks for providing the fix. Could you please clarify if the fix is in the latest SmartGWT builds for 12.0p and/or 12.1d?


                As stated, the fix is in the nightly builds dated 2019-05-13 and beyond for SGWT 6.1p/SC 11.1p and newer branches. We actually ported it back to SGWT 5.1p/SC 10.1p, but there were build problems that prevented the nightlies for branches older than SGWT 6.1p/SC 11.1p from completing on 2019-05-13.