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    Resize cursor not appearing on hover of the resize bar after disableTab/enableTab

    After upgrading from SmartClient 9.1 to 12.0 we are now running into the bug below.

    After calling disableTab+enableTab on a tab containing a resizeBar which had been previously displayed, the resize cursor should be available when hovering on the resizeBar.

    VERSION: This was working properly in 9.1, and stopped working starting in 10.0. It is still not working in latest 12.0 as we can reproduce it in latest Showcase example (see below).
    We are currently running v12.0p_2019-02-28/Pro Development Only.

    BROWSER: This behavior has been observed on all browsers/platforms i.e. Chrome,Firefox,IE11,Safari/Linux,Windows 7 Enterprise,Mac Mojave

    Tabset with 2 tabs (RedGreen and Blue) where RedGreen has content with a resizeBar
    Navigate to display the RedGreen tab at least once (if it is not the tab displayed by default).
    Optional: hover on the resizeBar and verify that the resize cursor appears as expected
    Optional: navigate away from the RedGreen tab i.e. select the Blue tab (not important to reproduce the bug but reflecting real-life scenario considering that our program automatically selects a different tab while the disabled tab is disabled)
    Call tabSet.disableTab on RedGreen (verify: tab is disabled)
    Call tabSet.enableTab on RedGreen (verify: tab is enabled again)
    On RedGreen tab, hover on the resizeBar
    Issue: the cursor remains the "standard" cursor instead of changing to the "resize" cursor.
    Note that the resize functionality itself (i.e. dragging the resizeBar) is working as expected.

    Navigate to the following Showcase example:

    Replace the entire contents of addAndRemove.js with the following:
        ID: "tabSet", width: 400, height: 250,
        tabs: [
            {ID:"RedGreen", title: "RedGreen", pane: isc.VLayout.create({members: [
                      isc.Label.create({backgroundColor:"red", showResizeBar:"true"}),
            {title: "Blue", pane: isc.Label.create({backgroundColor:"blue"})}
        top: 275, width: 400, title: "Toggle RedGreen Tab",
        click: function () {
            if (RedGreen.disabled) tabSet.enableTab(RedGreen);
            else tabSet.disableTab(RedGreen);

    Click on the "Try it" button to run the code
    Click on the "Toggle RedGreen Tab" button (disables the RedGreen tab)
    Click on the "Toggle RedGreen Tab" button again (re-enables the RedGreen tab)
    Observe bug: hovering on the resizeBar does not show the resize cursor.

    Thanks for the clear test case - we've made a change to address this issue and applied it to all recent branches: 12.1d, 12.0p, 11.1p, 10.1p


      Thank you, the resize cursor is available now after the change.