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    Empty grid gives total rows as 1000

    We have an empty grid which shows up even if no data is present in it. We don't want the grid to show up in this case. We are loading data through DataArrivedHandler. Problem is grid.getTotalRows() comes out to be 1000 even if the data has no rows which leads to empty grid being shown. This issue is intermittent.
    Also, when the grid has a single row, sometimes the grid is shown empty because grid.getTotalRows() comes out to be 1000 and total records comes out to be 0.

    Please see ResultSet.lengthIsKnown() - there is no way for the framework to know the available number of rows until the server returns the first set of rows. In the meantime, we return a placeholder value


      Yeah ResultlengthIsKnoiwn() needs to be checked.And also wait for a placeholder value,as no alternative exists too identify no of rowa until and unless server returns first set of rows mybkexperience
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