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    ListGrid PDF Export Zebra table (CSS?) issue

    Hi Isomorphic,

    please see this sample (v12.0p_2019-07-29, also 12.1d) an hit export.
    The resulting PDF has in columns 1 and 3 white and gray changing backgrounds, but only white backgrounds in column 2 and 4.
    Print preview and normal browser display both show 4 different shades of gray (expected).

    Best regards

    The problem here is that the showcase is running Tahoe, but the sample specifically exports to Enterprise - in Tahoe, alternateFieldStyles is true, and in Enterprise it isn't.

    Since that setting is applied in load_skin.js, and since exporting doesn't load that file, you're seeing a combination of *AltCol styles missing from Enterprise series skins, which we'll fix today, and the export process using the stylesheet from Enterprise, but not it's load_skin configuration.

    For now, you can fix it either by running the Enterprise skin when you export, or by either changing the "skinName" to "Tahoe", or just getting rid of that setting altogether.


      Hi Isomorphic,

      this now looks good in v12.0p_2019-08-06 with Enterprise and Tahoe.

      Thank you & Best regards