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    Facet Chart with Animation

    Dear Team,

    We are using SC11.0p.
    We have a requirement from our user base to show animated chart like growing bar/column chart like attached gif file.
    I tried to use shouldAnimateShow:true but its not working. Please suggest if it has to be done in any other way.
    Even I dont see any examples in your Feature Exlorer as well.

    Awaiting your response.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bar.gif
Views:	831
Size:	132.5 KB
ID:	258862

    Thanks and Regards.

    We do not support animations on FacetChart because, unlike other animations that give users a sense of place or aid in navigation, navigating data in a chart is useless and simply delays the final display.

    We used to have a different chart implementation that supported animations. In every deployment where animations were enabled, the end users asked for them to be turned off. So we would recommend reconsidering your design - animations look pretty while developing, but actual end users generally do not want them, and we have never heard of a case where actual end users requested them *after* using the application.