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    style issues with print preview

    Hi Isomorphic,

    please see this sample:

    If You go to Print Preview -> Print, the style (alternating cellstyle, table border) is NOT applied in the following browsers:
    • Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0
    • Chromium Version 61.0.3163.79
    • Firefox Quantum 68.0.1
    • Internet Explorer 11
    It gets applied in:
    • Google Chrome Version 75.0.3770.142
    Please take a look at it

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind Regards

    Hi Isomorphic,

    this is really strange. For me (Win10, as the OP), I do see the same result in a slightly older Firefox 66.0.3 (no zebra background in table).
    I also see no zebra background in Chromium 76.0.3809.87.

    I'm not sure what is correct, but I assume the display without zebra background, as the sample says: "All components have simplified appearance (eg gradients omitted) to be legible in black and white".

    Best regards


      These results really donít make sense. We would suggest taking a screenshot of the PDF and checking the actual color values. Different screens can make the subtle zebra striping basically disappear. Could also be the result of different PDF viewers.


        this is the result from downloading the PDF from Chrome
        • Google Chrome Version 75.0.3770.142:
        SmartClient™ v12.0p_2019-08-08 Feature Explorer.pdf

        All downloaded PDFs where opened with the same PDF viewer (Adobe Acrobat Reader DC).

        Here is a Screenshot, when I enter your PrintPreview:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	PrintPreviewSGWTWindow.png
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Size:	119.0 KB
ID:	258969

        And here is a Screenshot, when Chrome enters the native PrintPreview on click on Print in the PrintPriview Window:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	PrintPreviewScreenshot.png
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Size:	193.7 KB
ID:	258968

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          Firstly, the cited showcase sample, like the other id=printing sample that came up recently, needed a few tweaks to properly apply Enterprise styles when exporting to PDF - that's in for tomorrow's builds.

          After investigating the rest of the report, we find the following:

          1) all browsers show the correct alternate record/field styles when exported to PDF, via our export mechanism
          2) all browsers show the correct alternate record/field styles in our PrintPreview
          3) ZERO browsers seem to show the alternate styles in the actual printout, under any circumstances, by default. The only exception we can find to this is that, if you use Chrome which has a native print-preview, there is a "Background Graphics" checkbox - if you check that, the alternate record/field styling shows up as expected.

          Number 3) above goes to show that we are clearly providing the stylesheet for printing, but the browsers are dropping the backgrounds.

          Feel free to try this out in tomorrow's build and let us know if you disagree on the behavior.
          Last edited by Isomorphic; 10th Aug 2019, 12:16.


            Hi Isomorphic,

            I agree.
            1) PDF Export: Now always using correct "Enterprise" settings (OK for the sample, I assume in a real-world application one would use the chosen (only) skin and not Enterprise).
            2) Print preview: Always correct w.r.t. the chosen skin
            3) Background: Yes, only dependent on the Chrome checkbox, which indeed shows that the browser modifies the stylesheet / applies a user-style sheet.

            Thank you & Best regards