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    Collision with the ID of an existing object

    I have a grid with x number of fields. A particular text field when added is throwing warning "collides with the ID of an existing object". I have checked entire js for duplicate ID and/or name, but non was found. To resolve the same I have tried to change the name and ID to random string, still the issue exists. Can you let me know any possibility for occurrence of such behavior.

    Unfortunately this isn't enough information for us to give you an answer.
    The ID collision warning will typically be issued when a SmartGWT component or FormItem is created with an ID that is already being used in the application. ListGrid fields by contrast typically require unique "name" [rather than ID], and again you should see a warning if you attempt to apply multiple fields with the same name to a grid.

    Given that you don't see anywhere in your application code where you specify colliding IDs or names it's hard to theorize on what could be leading to this warning in your usage, or whether it would be safe to ignore (as opposed to something that will lead to other problems)

    The best way to proceed would be to show us a (simple as possible) standalone test case that we can run to reproduce the problem on our end.