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  • Listgrid - auto-fit & title wrapping issue

    Hi, I have a list grid with `wrapHeaderTitles` and `autoFitFieldWidths` set to "true".
    When the grid is drawn, some of the headers' titles are clipped, without showing the ellipsis.

    Here is a code snippet I used with "Local Data" example on SmartClient Feature Explorer website to demonstrate this issue:
    ID: "countryList",
    width:280, height:224, alternateRecordStyles:true,
    {name:"countryCode", title:"Code"},
    {name:"countryName", title:"This is a long title test"},
    {name:"capital", title:"Capital"}
    data: countryData,
    wrapHeaderTitles: true,
    autoFitFieldWidths: true
    Click image for larger version

Name:	titleClip.png
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Size:	23.1 KB
ID:	259326
    What I really trying to achieve is to wrap the titles only for 2 rows..
    and if there are more rows - the title should be clipped and the ellipsis should be displayed.
    I would love to have some guidance on the subject