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    Todays date and hovering on dates is not highlighted

    Am using SmartClient_10_0_Enterprise
    Browser : Crome Version 77.0.3865.120
    The date picker dialog box has 3 buttons - Today, Clear, Apply
    out of which the today button doesn't function at all
    Also when you select a date and click apply, the date gets populated in the corresponding text field box but the selected date is not hi-lighted in the date grid/table

    Please let us know how this can be reproduced, as no such error occurs in current versions of the product.

    Be sure to try the latest patched version, and let us know what skin is involved. If it's a custom skin, removed your customizations first.

    Also, for some reason you are reporting this against a version that is several releases behind. Note that new development should never be done against an out-of-date version.