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    Todays date and hovering on dates is not highlighted

    Am using SmartClient_10_0_Enterprise
    Browser : Crome Version 77.0.3865.120
    The date picker dialog box has 3 buttons - Today, Clear, Apply
    out of which the today button doesn't function at all
    Also when you select a date and click apply, the date gets populated in the corresponding text field box but the selected date is not hi-lighted in the date grid/table

    Please let us know how this can be reproduced, as no such error occurs in current versions of the product.

    Be sure to try the latest patched version, and let us know what skin is involved. If it's a custom skin, removed your customizations first.

    Also, for some reason you are reporting this against a version that is several releases behind. Note that new development should never be done against an out-of-date version.


      We tested this same functionality using smartclient v12.1(SmartClient_v121p_2021-01-09_Enterprise) and we are seeing the same issue with 12.1 version too.
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        We've just fixed the Today button not working, and the correct date-cell not being reselected when re-opening the DateChooser (the same bug) - you'll see that fix in builds dated February 11, and we'll backport it as far back as the bug exists.

        It looks like you're using TreeFrog, either customized or otherwise - this is quite an old skin and doesn't provide some styling/take advantage of CSS3 features available in more modern skins. That said, it looks like TreeFrog lacks at least parts of the selected DateChooser cell style, so we'll check it out, fix any issues we see, and update here if changes are made.


          A quick follow-up on this.

          In terms of the "Today" button's apparent failure to do anything, which we mentioned fixing - that was an issue in 13.0 only, and in all skins.

          The issues you've mentioned, in other releases, all appear to be skin-related. Is yours a custom skin? As we said, it looks somewhat like our TreeFrog skin, and there *was* a problem in that skin, which we've fixed today, all the way back to 10.0 - the problem was that TreeFrog shows alternate row-styles in DateChoosers, but the styles for those alternate rows were badly-named in the CSS (ultimately ignored) for TreeFrog. So you'd have seen essentially unstyled alternate rows. Thus, if today happened to be in an alternate-row (as February 10 is), you would not see it styled differently when you clicked Today. The same would be true for any other selected date, when you reopen the DateChooser.

          Whether your skin is TreeFrog or not, you can probably address these problems without an update - search your skin's load_skin.js for the property alternateWeekStyles - if it's being set to true, just change it to false, and that should address your issues.

          If not, first retest with a build dated February 11 or later - if you still see issues, we'll need more information about your skin.
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            We are not using the alternateWeekStyles property in the load_skin.js file. And for the Date chooser below is the properties we have used.
            isc.__pickerDefaults = {
            //edgeShowCenter: true, // not available for ridge edges

            if (isc.DateChooser) {

            We will try to test with Feb 11 build and share the results


              We upgraded to SmartClient_v121p_2021-02-11_Enterprise build and tested this use case. We see this issue is yet to get resolved.
              Attached the load_skin.js file for your reference. Also attached the issue we still observing in Feb11 build.
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                This is clearly a problem with the styles in your custom skin. We recommend using the browser console to check which styles are being used in the DateChooser and ensuring those styles are in your skin_styles.css.

                Alternatively, you didn't confirm which builtin skin your custom one is based on, but it's obviously quite old - so, you might consider updating to a more modern builtin skin.