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    Using canEdit=true, selectionType=multiple, editEvent=click at the same time in ListGrid


    I want to use these ListGrid props:
    canEdit="true", selectionType="multiple", editEvent="click"
    at the same time for a desireble flow where editing a single row will affect all the other selected.
    To emphasize, I want the multiple selection will remain while specific editable cell will be clicked to edit.

    This is the current situation:

    tnx in advance.

    You seem to be looking for selectionType:"simple", in which clicking on a row toggles whether it is selected or not, so modifier keys are not required to create multiple selection.


      In both cases of: selectionType: "simple" or selectionType="multiple" the result is the same as recorded at the video I have attached.

      I want the already (previously) selected records will remain selected when click a cell or record to edit.


        You will also need to set editSelectType to "multiple" if you want to have additive selection when you start editing a row.

        Just a note that this is a really unusual UE. Users may not really get what's going on.