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    tabBar not shrinking with TabSet


    We have a screen with nested TabSets. The main TabSet has many tabs and the tab scroller/picker is displayed as expected. I have attached an image, normal.png, showing this.

    We are having an issue when the lower-level TabSet is displaying a pane that extends beyond the bottom of the screen. This produces a vertical scroll bar as we want it to, and the objects on screen are "shrunk" to account for the space taken up by the scroll bar. The tabBar on the higher-level TabSet however does not shrink with the rest of the components. This is causing a horizontal scroll bar to see the rest of the tabBar. I have attached a screenshot, scrolling.png, that shows this behavior.

    Is this expexted? Why would the tabBar not shrink with the tabSet it was created by? Please let me know if you need anymore information.

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    Unfortunately, there is little we can do to troubleshoot a screenshot of behavior you don't want. We'd need a way to reproduce the problem, and the screenshot won't do that.

    What would work is a minimal, ready-to-run test case that demonstrates the problem, and shows that it's an issue with our product.


      Thanks for the reply. I found a workaround for the time being that removes the need for the tab scroller/picker.