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    Showcases with DataSource not loading in FF26

    Hi Isomorphic,

    please try to open these showcases in old Firefox versions:All do work as expected in Firefox 72.0.1 portable. I don't know since when it is not loading.
    Also, on first view, the result looks as expected in F12 tools.

    Best regards

    We've addressed the problem with older Firefox browsers (affecting versions less than 44), but note that we normally would not make fixes for such old versions. For Legacy Dev Mode, you might find that using IE11 avoids some of these issues. The plugin should still work and it has been supported up until recently (for Windows 7) and perhaps is still supported for Windows 8.1.

    The fix will be in the nighlty builds of SGWT 12.0 dated 2020-02-08 and beyond.