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    testing with Selenium 3


    We are using SC12 and we are upgrading our Selenium tests to Selenium 3 (with SmartClientFirefoxDriver). For testing purpose we are using FF.
    Is set: Selenium 3.5 + geckodriver 0.20.1 + FF 62 the newest possible set to which we can upgrade to? (according to SmartClient compatibility)

    The Selenium JAR versions included in the release are the ones we test against, so if you run against a newer version, you're taking a risk. The Selenium project has been known to intentionally break backward compatibility, and then there are potential unexpected interactions between updates and our WebDriver wrapper layers.

    For a given release, Selenium is tested against whatever Firefox ESR version and geckodriver version were current at the time of the release, so similarly, using those provides the most reliability. However, we're not aware of any issues with using the current Firefox (74) with SC 12.0 and the Selenium 3.5 JAR versions - we just ran several Selenium scripts against FF74, Selenium 3.5, and geckodriver 23 and they all completed succesfully.

    One note specific to SC 12.0 - you'll need to pass the "-nl" flag (for not legacy) to run Selenium in non-legacy mode to use current versions of Firefox. Legacy mode is only for older versions of Firefox, such as FF52ESR. In SC 12.1, the default has changed so that you must pass "-l" (for legacy) or else non-legacy mode will be assumed. Legacy mode settings apply only to Firefox, not Chrome or other browsers.

    If you hit a reproducible issue with the current version of a browser and browser driver with SC 12.0 and Selenium 3.5, feel free to let us know. We may or may not be able to address it, based on the difficulty and how common your issue is.