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    12.0p Minor issue with rapid data entry in SelectItem

    Hi Isomorphic,

    the feature added here has some issues - some might be by design, but one is a bug.
    Please see this modified testcase (v12.0p_2020-03-24):
        width: "100%",
        height: "100%",
        autoFetchData: true,
        dataSource: "supplyItem",
        showFilterEditor: true,
            {name:"itemID", width:60},
            {name:"itemName", filterEditorType:"SelectItem",
             filterEditorProperties: {
                 // multiple:true,
    The issues happen in an open picklist or if it is collapsed and independent of multiple:true.

    1) Type "Glue" in an open or closed picklist. In the end, the 4th entry is selected. I'd expect it to stay that the 1st entry is selected, but this might be by design and is also OK.
    • g -> Glue UHU Clear Gum 250ml
    • l ->Glue UHU Office Paste 250ml
    • u ->Glue Pentel 30CC Roll On 30ml
    • e ->Glue UHU Super Glue 3ml

    2) Type "Add" in a closed picklist. The 3rd "Add" entry is selected. This matches the behavior above.
    • a -> Adding Machine Roll 57x57mm Standard
    • d -> Adding Machine Roll 57x64mm Standard
    • d -> Adding Machine Roll 57x76mm Standard
    Click image for larger version  Name:	No jump on same character text enter.gif Views:	0 Size:	11.7 KB ID:	261512

    3) Type "Add" in a open picklist. The 1st "D..." entry is selected in the end. I'd expect this to be as above instead.
    • a -> Adding Machine Roll 57x57mm Standard
    • d -> Adding Machine Roll 57x64mm Standard
    • d -> Dictionary Macquarie Concise Thesaurus (157 x 245)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Jump on same character text enter.gif Views:	0 Size:	100.2 KB ID:	261511

    This is because of the double-"d" I assume.

    This is very minor, I just noticed it in our application testing some filters.

    Best regards
    Last edited by Blama; 24th Mar 2020, 06:41. Reason: Added sample link.

    This depends on your timing. As with the native controls, if a certain amount of time passes, what you type is considered a new attempt to match rather than continuing with more characters of the previously typed string.


      Hi Isomorphic,

      please try to recreate the videos (points 2) and 3)). Especially since a double "d" is fast to enter, I'm very sure that this is not the cause.

      Best regards


        Sorry for the silence on this one - typeahead behavior in SelectItems has been refined, as follows:

        - quickly typing "glue" will only move the focus highlight once, to the first "glue" entry
        - quickly typing "glue p" will move the highlight twice, to the first "glue" entry, and then to the first entry starting "glue p"
        - quickly typing "add" will behave as you expect
        - repeatedly typing "g" will cycle among the entries that start with "g"


          Hi Isomorphic,

          I retested with v12.0p_2020-04-01 and can see your changes from #4, but only if I open the picklist.
          With a collapsed picklist, on entering "glue", the selected entry changes 4 times. I'd expect it to act like with an open picklist.

          I also noticed, that Pos1 and End keys only select fist/last entries in a closed picklist (expected here).
          In a open picklist the picklist position changes, but both focus and selection stay on the currently selected item. If you then press up/down, not an entry at the end/beginning is selected, but one next to the currently selected entry.

          Best regards


            Both parts of this have been fixed - multi-char searching should now behave the same, whether or not the picker is open, and any combination of arrow-key and non-arrow-key navigation should now work as expected, properly updating the keyboard-focus row in all cases.

            Please retest with a build dated April 4 or later.


              Hi Isomorphic,

              I retested with v12.0p_2020-04-05 and v12.1p_2020-04-05. The changes are working like a charm, thank you.

              Best regards