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    menuAlign on IconMenuButton

    I am having issues with menu alignment on an IconMenuButton, specifically in Microsoft Edge. We have an IconMenuButton near the right edge of the screen. In both Chrome and Firefox, the menu gets displaced so that it will not extend beyond the right edge (see below -- red outline to show IconMenuButton border). No issues here.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	chrome.PNG
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ID:	262215

    Click image for larger version

Name:	firefox.PNG
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ID:	262216

    In Microsoft Edge, the menu will extend past the edge of the screen and cause scroll bars to be displayed (see below).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	edge.PNG
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ID:	262217

    A few questions:
    1. What is the default menu alignment for an IconMenuButton?
    2. It looks like if it were a regular MenuButton then it would simply be solved by setting menuAlign: "right", but this doesn't appear to be a valid property on the IconMenuButton. Is there some equivalent or am I missing something?
    3. If there is not a menu alignment property for an IconMenuButton, what are my options?



    Menus should not be placed offscreen in Edge, so you option is the usual: just let us know how to reproduce the problem. We need to see a minimal, ready-to-run test case that reproduces the issue on the latest available patched build (note: you forgot to tell us product and version again).

    If the problem is just a straight-up bug in the framework, this test case will be easy to create. If it's a usage issue, you'll figure that out this way as well.


      Since the last post, I have downloaded and run the code against the latest and greatest from the website (SmartClient_v121p_2020-04-28_Pro). I have attached an index.jsp file and the ContainerLayout class it builds (this is an extremely dumbed down version of our code but it shows the same problem).

      Here is a screenshot of the IconMenuButton displaying normally without the scroll bars before the menu is shown:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	before.PNG
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ID:	262232
      Here is a screenshot of the behavior when the menu is opened:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	after.PNG
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Size:	23.0 KB
ID:	262233

      Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me.

      Thanks for the help.



        Nothing is attached.

        Just wanted to make sure you understand that the test case should be minimal - no extra code. We don't need a dumbed-down version of a layout manager. If the bug is what you say it is, you should be able to re-create by just placing a IconMenuButton at the right edge of the screen, right? Extremely short test case.

        If that doesn't reproduce the problem, then it's up to you to analyze your application code and let us know if the actual cause appears to be a framework bug.


          Sorry about the attachment. I have created a test case for you consisting of just the IconMenuButton in an HLayout and pushed to the right using a LayoutSpacer with width "*". Each element has a border to easily show where the alignment is. The problem persists in Edge.
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            We've added IconMenuButton support for both menuAlign and showMenuBelow - please retest with a build dated May 3 or later.