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    Keep submenu visible after clicking its form

    I've created a Menu with a couple of items. Each item has a submenu that contains exactly one item, an embeddedComponent. That embedded component is a DynamicForm instance which only contains check boxes. After I click one of the check boxes, the menu closes. Is it possible to prevent this?

    I'm using SmartClient 12.1 LGPL (June 4th, 2020). The code is like this:

      menu = isc.Menu.create({
        data: [{
          submenu: [{
            embeddedComponent: isc.DynamicForm.create({
              fields: [... several check boxes ...]
            showRollOver: false
          title: 'Item 1'
        }, ... more menu items ...]

    It's probably another code causing this: I've implemented an itemChange() event on the form which reloads a grid, probably causing the menu to loose focus. I'll look for a solution to fix that.


      I have not found a solution for this. Problem is that whenever I click a check box (which acts as a filter on tabular data), the grid data is reloaded. This causes the menu to hide.


        You seem to be looking for menu/menuItem.autoDismiss.


          You may also want autoDismissOnBlur:false, since if you have left rpcManager.showPrompt at it's default setting, interactivity is blocked during the grid fetch via a clickMask, which will blur whatever has focus.