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    How to add checkboxes to a tree?

    I have a Tree in a TreeGrid and would like to add grandchildren to the Tree that are checkboxes. How can I do this? Currently, when I add children to the Tree, they appear with what looks like a document icon.

    Here is my TreeGrid and Tree:

    var tgrid = isc.TreeGrid.create({
    ID: "tgrid",
    width: "100%",

    fields: [{
    name: "title",
    title: "current "

    data: isc.Tree.create({
    ID: "currenttree",
    root: {
    children: [{
    title: "treeFolder",
    canDrag: false,
    isFolder: true,
    children: [{

    I add children to the Tree. I am trying to get these children to appear as checkboxes.

    let thetree = tgrid.getData(); // I get the tree from the treegrid
    let treenodes = thetree.getAllNodes(); // tree nodes

    // here I try to add a checkbox child to the folder I have under the tree, but it appears not as a checkbox but as a document
    name: "treeGrandchild",
    isFolder: false,
    title: "grandchild",
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    You might selectionStyle:"checkbox" (note also the support for cascading selection).

    If you still need to control the icons at that point (which will appear *in addition to* the checkbox), search for "icon" in the TreeGrid docs, there are many ways to control the icons (in particular see getIcon()).