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    Force button prompt

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I'm trying to implement a scenario that a prompt (tooltip) of a button is presented to the user as a result of an action of another control and not when hovering it.
    I tried two options:
    1. use the button prompt and force present it by script.
    2. use sc.showPrompt and position it near the button.

    I believe the latter is the better option but I didn't find a way to handle that.

    Entirely different alternative is the use of CSS pseudo elements which seems to work well up to the point of z-index which makes the tool tip become hidden.

    I'm using SC v12.1p_2020-06-09


    Why wouldn't you just create a Canvas and style it to look like the hover and place it near the button?


      Thank you for your reply.
      That is one other possible solution, but i didn't want to (or didn't find a good way) handle the position properly, mainly on resizing or scrolling.
      Last edited by almes; 21st Jul 2020, 07:49.


        Any ideas on how to handle that easy enough?


          We didn’t realize you still needed help..

          There are both resize and scroll events you can listen for on every Canvas.